W221 s class common problems

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I changed mine to german langue an unclick auto time and then it worked after a reset and have been working for 3 weeks now then i changed it back again and stil working. Or date in Comand also? Make x reset in comand menu and leave the car for night and in the morning adjust the time. I had the same issue. If I helped you Reputation: 9. Replies: 6. Last Post by dec-teck. Replies: 1.

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Problems and Faults with the W221 S Class

MHH is incompatible with Internet explorer! All rights reserved.This section covers the potential reliability issues that you might have with the Mercedes-Benz W Click on the buttons below to read more about the typical problems that fall outside the scope of routine maintenance. The option code for ABC is Air suspension is commonly used in trucks and buses because vehicles with air suspension can maintain correct height and level despite the load.

Have you ever seen a bus tilt and soon after level out when the passengers get off at the bus stop?

w221 s class common problems

The Airmatic ride quality is indeed very good. Instead of traditional coil springs and dampers, the Mercedes-Benz W is fitted with four Airmatic struts, which are air springs and dampers integrated into single units. In my opinion, the Airmatic is not unreliablebut it is significantly more complex than traditional suspension.

Some people got burned by trying to fix their Airmatic suspensions at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. The prices at the dealership can be high when it comes to sorting out Airmatic issues, and the typical dealership approach is to keep replacing components until the problem is fixed, without actually trying to locate the exact failure point.

The parts can be expensive but most things, like struts or the air pump, are easy to replace. Also, be aware that if some critical components in the Airmatic fail, for example, the air pump, the car will become undrivable.

There are multiple options available on the market today that can help you save money servicing the Airmatic suspension :. When checking the Airmatic suspension, look out for the following symptoms of malfunction :.

Check the car after it has been standing still overnight — it should not be on the ground. A little bit of pressure may escape, but the car should stay up and level. A system in good condition should be able to hold air for a couple days easily. If it drops in a couple hours, something is worn out or there is a significant leak somewhere. Driving with air leaks will prematurely kill the air pump because then it has to turn on more often to replace the escaping air.

If you are going to buy a car that has a leaking system, expect the air pump to be on its way out too. Airmatic suspension failure.The W S Class was the flagship Mercedes during towhich came in both short and long wheel base including limo variants.

The engines were always quite powerful in order to launch the large body from standing and they ranged from a M cc to the M cc. The W S Class was the must have chauffeur car, with plenty of space and elegant styling before the successor W came into production.

As with any Mercedes S Class, it will be at the forefront of all the latest technology and you can be certain that the new technology will be in later cars in years to come. Inthe W introduced the world to infrared night view assist and a pre-collision system, which was revolutionizing at the time.

The W may be slightly older than cars on the road today, but it still bags plenty of gadgets and gizmos, timeless design and excellent engines to choose from. The previous S Class W faults are similar to those of the W as listed below. The W has a timeless elegant touch of class but there are certainly various of directions that could be improved, such as a quad AMG style exhaust setupwhich would give the rear end an aggressive feel.

w221 s class common problems

With the Dealers charging so much for the Air Suspension parts, we would recommend checking the following for cheaper alternatives, such as the Air Suspension Compressor.

If there is a leak, replace with new air suspension shock absorber before fitting a new compressor, otherwise the new one will become warn out eventually. Overall, the W S Class is an excellent car with cool technology and timeless elegant looks, which provides luxury and class. There are over 21 different types of models to go for that are all refined six cylinder and above engines.

If you are looking for one of these in the second hand market, be sure to have a reputable local Mercedes independent garage nearby and ensure there is plenty of history with the car. When fully working, it is very hard to find a luxury car for similar money that would be able to compete. Toggle navigation. Previous Article Hemmels Classic in Cardiff. Related Posts. Facts and Figures.

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Find Garage. Contact Us.That doesn't mean that the S-Class W has no issues. The W S-Class has two batteries. The main battery starts the engine but the second, axuilary battery, runs various electronics. Because the W has an electronic transmission shifter, it is also used to put the vehicle in Park if the main battery fails.

Just like with any battery it needs to be replaced. The auxiliary battery mostly fails if the car is over 7 years old or if the vehicle has overmiles. Replacing the auxiliary battery on a W is relatively easy and can be completed at home.

The S-Class is equipped with air suspension.

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The air compressor is the heart of the air suspension. It often fails, or it might wear internally to the point where it's not generating enough pressure to raise the car. Once the air compressor fails, it causes the vehicle to drop to the ground and the warning message "Stop Vehicle Too Low" displays on the dashboard. The compressor is located behind the front bumper, passenger side.

It can be easily replaced in about an hour. It is an easy job that any car owner with a few basic tools can complete in their driveway. The valve body or the conductor plate can fail, which sends the car in limp mode and the transmission no longer shifts.

It is located in the left side of the trunk. When the amplifier fails, you will have a radio that turns on, but you don't hear any sound. This engine is very popular in the European market.

It's not uncommon to see Mercedes Benz S-Class with a window that will not go up or down. The problem, in most cases, is the window regulator, but it can also be the window module itself. The window regulator is the mechanism that moves the window up and down. To fix the window problem, you need to need to remove the door panel and replace the window regulator. They often fail due to corrosion or internal failure and need to be replaced.

The S-Class suspension is overall more reliable then the suspension of the W It is not uncommon for the air suspension airbags to fail. It is most likely to happen sooner if you do a lot of City driving or drive on roads that are poorly maintained.

The rear level suspension sensor is located above the rear axle and determines the height of the vehicle on the back. The sensor can fail, which causes the car to drop to the ground, again only at the back. It is an inexpensive repair, and many S-Class owners with DIY skills can fix this problem themselves. The S-Class no longer has a mechanical connection from the gear shifter to the transmission. It uses what is known as a shift by wire. When you change the gear between PRND, the shifter module sends a signal to the transmission valve body, which then controls the valve body.Log in or Sign up.

Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies.

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Getting into a mess with my S Class 3. Last few months been hit with some big bills one after the other. April was new suspension pump, June was new electro plate in the gearbox and now the gearbox selector control unit ISM.

The car was purchased from main dealer 2 years ago and has a full dealer history. I am considering parting with it as keeping it repaired is becoming a problem. I fully realise it is a complicated car and is 10 years old but it is in excellent condition and will be very difficult to replace without spending a lot of money which I am not in a position to do. Are there any other common failures when they get older. Not sure if they are all much the same or if I have got a bad one.

I think that you have been very unlucky with your car, the same as my SL at the start. I had 3 struts back in and the ECU, then leaks all over the place. I would keep it when all done, I know thats easy to say for me, I know our financial positions are not the same. In the main there are loads of 's floating around that give few problems. I had 2 w's Well if I would choose again it would be petrol at first.

Two diesels I had were horrible. First one was clocked by k, was a private purchase so couldn't really do much and costly repairs followed after first limp mode new turbo, manifolds, oil cooler, rear strut, gear changes weren't great too - it was holding to gears for too long I did let that one go.

Second attempt was 50k miles one with one owner. I said I got myself a fine example I was so wrong. After each 60 miles driven it smoked like locomotive and mpg couldn't get more then New dpf, egr, pressure sensors followed and car still smoked allthou mpg improved.

Couldn't live with it, car was gone after couple of months, gave it back to the dealer I bought it from. From my experiance it seems problems with w is always attached to diesel versions. I ended up with cls at the moment and fingers crossed it seems its problems free.

BorysSep 7, The paradox of this is that unless the car has been poorly maintained and it seems more issues are imminent, you are better off keeping this particular one since you have already fixed the known problems and are unlikely to get more faults. If you buy a different car you are also buying an assorted selection of unknowns IrresistanceSep 7, Thanks guys. As no service items are due I probably am best sticking with it just started to loose confidence in it and worried what is coming next!

CraiglxviiiSep 7, This reinforces my notion that I will go for a 4.The W featured a facelift in late that fixed many common problems from the troublesome W The previous W had a very good production with superior build quality and to this day remain working as they did from the factory.

There were also a 3. The W S Class is a classic design that will always look excellent on the road. A cheap Mercedes will be the most expensive Mercedes you will ever buy. Unlike other S Class models older and newer the W did not have a coupe version and only came in the saloon variant. Overall, the W will have problems but so will many other cars of this era. This S Class has many qualities that not many other newer cars cannot match and is still a high spec luxury car that turns heads.

The modifications that you could do to the W S Class is endless. Adding a quad exhaust system will make the rear of the S Class look very aggressive. If you are looking at lowering the W S Class, you are in luck. Thanks to the airmatic suspension, you are able to lift the car up and down, similar to those expensive air suspension setups that cost people thousands. Toggle navigation.

Buying a used Mercedes S-class W220 - 1998-2006, Full Review with Common Issues

Related Posts. Facts and Figures. Find Garage. Contact Us.Mercedes-Benz flagship model W is one of the best S-Classes Mercedes-Benz has ever built, but it also has its fair number of issues. One of the most common problems with Mercedes-Benz S-Class W chassis is the failure of the amplifier which typically leads to the unit not turning on or no sounds issue. The amplifier problem in Mercedes Benz is widespread.

Also, you may have a sound interruption, no radio station and radio turn on-off every few mins. While you are in a phone call talking to someone, it will show you a blank screen. Sometimes commands not functional and will freeze. Turn off the radio then turn on you will see the red light blinking in the opening where the connector is just removed, we should have a red blinking light.

2008 Mercedes-Benz S550

This tells us that fiber optic from this unit is working. Next, turn the unit off and check the end of the cable connector if it blinks, and if this one blinks red light, it is telling us that fiber is working. In most cases, if you are not seeing that red-light blink from the radio, then the radio is causing the problem.

Next, find the amplifier in the trunk area and do the same procedure check if you have red-light blinking.

w221 s class common problems

When you open the frame take a look if there is any sign of burnt-out circuit and look carefully on the opposite side of electronic, take an in-depth look in all parts components, chips, resistors, transistors, chipset, cables, fiber cable, etc. Make sure to look at the fiber optic cable connection that comes with two black wires that goes to the reader.

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If you know how to use a voltmeter, do a volt check and test all resistors be extremely careful when testing resistors. Attach your meter probe to the first resistor on the board after the power supply. Locate this by finding the power supply and tracing the circuit you reach a resistor. Turn on the ignition and note the reading. Any other reading outside of this variance tells us a faulty resistor. A zero reading in voltmeter tells us a blown resistor.

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