Kemono fursuit base drawing

While hunting for my perfect kemono fursuit maker, I realized an absurd lack of listings for the makers who are currently active. Thus, I'll be compiling a master guide to help not only myself but anyone else who is searching. This list features the maker's name, a link to their most easy to access and readable website along with any other media of which I can find them on, and a picture of one of their suits.

It also shows the price of their most expensive commission item available, so that you can get a feel of their general price range. Prices shown in this guide are subject to change. If you are a kemono maker who has accepted commissions or created a premade within the last year, plan to take more commissions or premades in at most two years from now, and have created at least two kemono heads, please contact me via PM to be added to my list.

Same goes for if you know a maker not already on this list who meets those requirements. Always do your own research before purchasing a fursuit to prevent potential scam. Has both a Website and an Instagram. Has a WebsiteTwitter, and Tumblr. Has a FurAffinity and an Instagram. Primarily makes premade designs, but occasionally will take custom designs. Has a FurAffinity and Twitter. Has a WebsiteInstagram, and Twitter.

Now accepting international orders for premade fursuit designs. Prices vary. Does not take custom character commissions.

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Has a FurAffinity and Facebook. Has a FurAffinity. Maker does not offer Digitigrade at this time.

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Has a WebsiteTwitter, Instagram and Facebook. Has a FurAffinity and YouTube. Maker specializes in normal styled fursuits, though also has done multiple kemono suits. You must specify that you want a kemono suit.

kemono fursuit base drawing

Only accepts commissions through Facebook. Has a FurAffinityFacebook, and website. Premades for Kemono styled suits only at this time. Only heads and half suits are sold in this style.

How to Make a Great Character Reference Sheet!

Has a Website and Tumblr. Is most active on their Instagram. Has a Twitter. Currently only has kemono examples for partials, though does offer fullsuits. Must specify that you want a kemono suit when commissioning. Has an Etsy and Instagram. Due to difficulty understanding their website, I believe only premade suits are available at this time.

Please consult them to double check, however, if you are set on getting a custom from them. Maker has had positive reviews from English clients for premade suits, with reports of them being easy to communicate with. Has a Website and Instagram. Maker does not offer fullsuits at this time.This is Inarikitsune kemono fursuits, a fursuit business that makes kemono style suits. The maker is Emiko Inari. This business has been open sincebut the maker author of this wiki has been making suits since You may have seen some works on this amino before, and if not, then here are some of the recent works and prices.

Base prices are shown on the website but overall those are as they state "base prices". Quote Request Form. Commission Request Form. As the maker I make these suits as if I were to wear them.

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I tend to break frail clothes or wear clothes to their limit because of how much of an air head i can be and usually need to restitch and even double stitch my clothes. I like to think that my suits are High quality but really that is for you to decide. With every suit I make I am always looking for ways to improve. Everyday is a learning experience and I believe that is true no matter what level of fursuiting you are doing. I am not a very socialable person online, although I try to be.

Although with nothing to go off of and with a simple "Hi" its hard to respond, I wont bite. Even bringing up your favorite anime or artists will peek my interest.

If I dont respond its not because I choose to ignore you, I just might be busy working on suits or drawing. Here is the Discord link to join. This server was made for those who are a fan of the kemono style. Whether it be art, videos or fursuits.

In the welcome page you will notice the patreon rewards which i may make a wiki all on its own or just join the discord to read it for yourself or even better check out the Patreon link to see the tiers. Its still a WIP but Istill hope you will enjoy yourselves none the less. Inarikitsunekemofur gmail. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. What I Like Kemono style. Intro Heyyo kemofurs!Log In or Create an Account. Log In Create an Account. General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. I'm trying to learn myself using Blender since we got a 3D printer some month ago. This one in the pic is already V6!! I made a print of all the other versions and then overwork the 3D model to make it better.

The holes are for saving material, the mask is still very stable! And my second try is a toony feline base : I will do more versions canine etcbut this is the first try. This isn't ready for printing jet and it is still V1, but I wanted to try to get the shape of my own handmade foambases, so here it is!

The plan is to make toony bases with moving and static jaw, so you can chose what you like best!

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Hope I an show you the finished Kemono mask soon!! Sethaa Crafter link parent. Thank you : we bought a complete printer with box around, so we can start right away. It is really comfotable, when you not have to assemble the printer first. But it is definetly more expansive. Blender will get a new update soon! Smoke sims on Gpu. Omg amazing if you ever sell kemono bases ill deff buy thats amazing lol 3D printers are so much fun.

If you ever have questions regarding modelling or Blender, hit me up. Mothidae Digital Artist link. Omgggg kemono! This is exactly what I wanted to try doing but I was a little intimidated. I love this it's so good. Kitty Crafter link. Kitty Crafter link parent. This must make fursuit heads much faster to make, huh? Considering you have most of the head done and all. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

Learn More.Discussion in ' Art and Illustration ' started by macchagamerDec 22, Log in or Sign up. Fur Affinity Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. It's basically Japanese furry art, and I'm way into it, and I wanted to know how to draw it. At least some tips. Last edited: Dec 22, You can start with non-furry pieces. Learn how to draw anatomy, facial features and expressions. Mikazuki MarazhuDec 22, I'm assuming you want to do the style of Japanese art, and so I guess you should start with getting the basics down before you go mastering a style.

When it comes to style though, look for the specifics, and see what separates it from other styles of art such as Western and such. RedSavageDec 22, Basics are a great way to start!

Marazuhki got it right. Try drawing human anatomy and positions correctly.

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Focus getting the idea down before making complete work by thumbnailing forms and such. Only basic bitches ignore the basics. That's why they stay being basic. What have you done to surpass him? Who you are isn't what you own. You should still learn basics dear, to draw anime it's basically simplifying parts of the body and soon emphasizing them. You need to know what people look like normally before you do this bc it can make your characters look gawky if you don't.

ParasoulDec 22, Start with the basics. With nothing on which to see what your current skill level is, that is the best advice anyone can give you right now.Are you looking for the best images of Fursuit Drawing Base? Here you are!


Most Downloads Size Popular. Views: Images: 39 Downloads: Likes: 8. Fursuit Drawing Fox Fursuit Cat Drawing Fursuit Lineart - Fu Dutch Angel Dragon B Images Of Fursuit Hu Fursuit Ref Base - F Maybe Avery's Art Sh Prices And Examples Images Of Fursuit Re Fursuit Drawing Rain Matrices Making A Ta Drawing Bear Referen Collection Of Crush Manokit Lineart Base Wind Fursuit Concept Results - Fursuit Dr Fursuit Drawing Wolf Blank Dog Fursuit Ba Bases In Art Referen Images Of Nigeria Fu Angel Dragons Fursui Base Husky Fursuit D Dragon Furry Fursuit Dragon Fursuit Tail Drawing Anthro Trans Drawing Basic Free DMy name is Julia Kipp and I made my hobby my profession.

In I discovered the building of animal costumes so-called fursuits for myself and after my studies I decided to start my own business. My charaker is a grey cheetah and I have already brought her to life several times in different styles. Over the years I have constantly improved my skills and abilities and purchased new tools and equipment, e.

My husband supports me with his knowledge of electrical engineering and much more. I feel most comfortable with the production of toony fursuits or kemono style, but I also have built realistic costumes several times.

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Tweets by SchneeCreations. In my etsy shop you can find 3D printed masks, noses, teeth and everything you need to build your own fursuit. I also sell merchandise like enamel pins and sometimes partial or fullsuits. The price depends on the complexity of the design, the number of colours and the desired extras. The head is printed in 3D PLA and lined with foam inside. There is a zipper on the back of the head.

Three styles are available: Realistic, Toony or Kemono.

kemono fursuit base drawing

A partial fursuit includes the head, hand paws, a tail and arm sleeves. Ideal for people who overheat quickly. The price varies according to the complexity of the character design and the desired extras. A half suit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, arm sleeves and a set of feet paws.

The feet paws can be ordered either for indoors or outdoors. A second pair of paws can also be ordered. The upper body is free to wear a t-shirt or sweater. Planti- and Digitigrade version available. A fullsuit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, feet paws and a body.

kemono fursuit base drawing

The zipper can be sewn into the back or front side. Order acceptance is times a year. To find out when, please check on our social media channels. Orders from allergy sufferers are at your own risk! Thank you very much!!! The views on the reference sheet should show the character from the front, back and side. Furthermore, all views must be made without shading. You will then receive a cost estimate from us and information if we can build your design at all. The production period is also roughly defined.

These details are then documented in a purchase contract signed by both parties scanned and sent by e-mail. The purchase contract is therefore binding. The rest of the amount must be paid as soon as we start working on your fursuit. It is also possible to pay the full purchase price directly. Instructions on how to make it can be found in the DTD section of the website. For a head we need your head measurements circumference. If you order a partial we will also need the measurements of your shoulders and arms.Kloofsuits 24, views.

Funfetti Alpaca 94, views. Tutorial Detail View All Tutorials. Posted: 5 days ago Great Listed Sites Have fursuit head base tutorial. Posted: 4 days ago Great Listed Sites Have fursuit head base tutorial. Posted: 19 days ago This canine head base is made from a flexible black foam.

It can be used to make your very own fursuit head. Posted: 12 days ago How to make fursuit foam head bases, the bucket method, a great beginner method if you are new to fursuit making. Posted: 12 days ago This isn't necessarily the right way - just the way I've settled on in my 5 years of fursuit building. If you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

However, please do respect my How long have you been making? What materials did you use for the eyes? Buckram Whats a list of materials? Mugiwara Cosplayviews.

Anthrocon - Fursuiting Panel - Duration: Unsubscribe from Mugiwara Cosplay? Cancel Unsubscribe.

kemono fursuit base drawing

Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Posted: 18 days ago Welcome everyone, to a new and improved version of my bucket head tutorial! I've changed my method, and I know the old video was long and boring, so I decided to finally get you guys an updated Posted: 1 year ago You searched for: fursuit head base! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.

Posted: 3 days ago Tutorial: Building a Fursuit Head with Foam Building a Fursuit Head with Foam This is one of my favorite methods of creating a mask, there are many other techniques to try, but this is how I create Posted: 4 days ago Also, watch some videos Pocari is recommended on how to take care of your fursuit head.

You need a handler at all times or you may get seriously injured! You could even have a heat stroke! Be careful when fursuiting! Decide if you want the head to be toony or realistic.

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